Montana's Rivers, Streams and Secret Creeks

Fly Fishing Montana

Montana is widely known as having an abundance of water, most of it being especially picturesque and fish-filled water. We are the home of the Crown of the Continent, so it all starts here and runs downhill.

Montana Fishing Outfitters distinguishes itself from many other guide service businesses by utilizing and having access to so many of the prime fishing waters that Montana boasts. The reality is that we couldn't in good faith limit ourselves to just one or a small few, as some do, because that would be missing the boat!

From Blue-Ribbon Rivers to No-Tell-'Em Creeks

Our home water is the world renowned Missouri River, and for good reason as it is a spectacular fishery and fantastic starting point for anglers across the ability and experience spectrum. We also run lots of trips on other well known major rivers like the Yellowstone, Bighorn, Madison, Blackfoot, Clark Fork and Bitterroot Rivers, but we don't stop there. We also utilize many pieces of private access water and seldom visited 'secret' spots where our anglers can experience serenity and solitude - unless they choose to bring their friends along!

'Montana's Most Unique Guide Service' - How We Do It

The main function that allows MFO to operate over such a broad expanse of Montana is that it's two owners and lead guides live in different places. Pat Straub, licensed outfitter and founder of MFO, resides in Bozeman at the heart of Troutopia and focuses on the southern and eastern waters of the state. Co-owner and licensed outfitter Garrett Munson lives in the capital city of Helena and runs the operations in the central Missouri River region and the west side of the Continental Divide.

Together they oversee small crews of core professional guides that specialize in each of those different regions and show MFO anglers the very best fishing opportunities that Montana has to offer. Fishing with a great guide on his home water is really the only way to go, and since Montana has so many fishable waters to visit, you really need an outfitter who can organize and package a fly fishing trip built exclusively for you.  That's what we do, and these are the waters we do it on.